HomeStart HST5018 Pasta Maker Review

Making a homemade fresh pasta with your favorite dough always seems like a tough job. Some people are scared of handling the gears while others worries about the pasta texture. However, the enhanced features of the HomeStart Pasta Maker helps you in enjoying the fresh pasta at home.

HomeStart Pasta maker is the basic model which was launched years ago. However, the exceptional performance of the machine helped it in becoming the market stellar in no time. Though, the feature list of the HomeStart Pasta Maker isn’t very long but company surely knows how to win the customer’s trust with durable and quality-oriented products.

Features of HomeStart HST5018 Pasta Maker

Some of the features of HomeStart Pasta Maker which can help you in making the decision about the purchase are as follows:

User-Friendly Pasta Maker

HomeStart pasta maker is designed for those people who are afraid of placing the machine at different places due to the continuous rolling. HomeStart HST5018 comes with the crank handle and tempered steel which helps in rolling the pasta dough very easily.

HomeStart Pasta Maker also comes with a C-shaped clamp which ultimately increases the safety of the machine and makes it the perfect pasta maker for your kitchen.

Attachable Cutter for Different Noodles Type

We believe that HomeStart Pasta Maker is the perfect option for those people who love to enjoy a different type of noodles. From basic pasta to fettuccine, the HomeStart pasta maker is indeed capable of satisfying all of your pasta cravings.

For making the different types noodles, all you need to do is just adjust the cutter and let the machine do its work. Additionally, you can also play around different pasta sizes by altering the movement of the handle according to your choice.

This facility basically empowers the users to try out different noodles recipes without looking out for different machines. As compared to other models, HomeStart pasta makers aim to provide basic features to its users which can effectively help in making the pasta making experience incredible.

Different Dials for Different Thickness

The dials of the HomeStart Pasta maker are designed to provide the alteration options to the users. The adjustable cutters help in selecting the thinness of the pasta based on its style. For instance, if you are going for simple fettuccine then, you might like to keep the thickness moderate.

And same goes for the rest of the noodle types. HomeStart pasta maker basically comes with nine different cutter sizes ranges from 0.3mm to 2.5mm. Now you are surely free to make any pasta of any size, according to the recipe need and your mood.

Good and Bad About HomeStart HST5018

As every product has certain goods and beads, which helps in identifying the product potential and how it should be used. Similarly, for HomeStart Pasta Maker we tried to go through the customer reviews in order to create the list of good factors as well as the bad ones.

Good’s of HomeStart Pasta Maker

  • Best pasta maker for beginners i.e. easy-to-use facility at comparatively lower price
  • The detailed booklet helps in operating the machine and cleaning it without any difficulty
  • The metal construction of the machine makes it the best pasta maker for the kitchen counter
  • Works well with the thick dough (properly refrigerated before processing)
  • Easy to handle gears which could easily be adjusted according to the pasta needs.

Bad about the HomeStart Pasta Maker

  • The machine fails to work properly with the soft dough. Usually destroys the final piece.
  • Time-consuming pasta maker as there is no motor in the machine.
  • Eliminates the use of water for cleaning purposes. Not a good option for instant cleaners
  • The gear of HomeStart pasta maker tends to come out in case of fast moving. (should be handled slowly)

Bottom Line:

Our research states that HomeStart HST5018 Pasta Maker is indeed a good machine for beginners as they are supposed to thoroughly learn about the thickness of the pasta and how it should be adjusted. Additionally, when it comes to detailed attachments for different dough sizes then, product certainly lacks that option.

HomeStart HST5018 pasta maker gets the positive verdict from our side because its features are crucial and cannot be ignored easily.

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