Hamilton Beach 33969A 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker Review

For many people, the slow cooker has now become the major part of their kitchen crockery. Whether you are planning to make a juicy chicken with fewer efforts or thinking to prepare the rice stuffed pudding, a slow cooker is capable of satisfying all of you cooking demands without compromising on the taste.

However, the continuous development of technology have drastically changed the entire structure, outlook, and working of the slow cooker. It won’t be wrong to state that now slow cooker are not working on the basis of pressure only. However, there are certainly other components such as temperature mechanism, speed control, different speed based on the nature of the food and much more.

Hamilton Beach (33969A)

Today we decided to get our hands on the some of the best slow cookers in the market and found out that Hamilton Beach 6-Quart programmable slow cooker has the potential of making your cooking experience extremely amazing and easier with the help its workable features.

What’s unique in Hamilton Beach 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker?

If you are looking for the slow cooker which is not only capable of perfectly cooking your food, however, it could also accommodate a number of proteins without killing their natural look and taste then, you should consider buying the Hamilton Beach Programmable slow cooker.

This appliance comes with the temperature control function which allows you to decide, set, and change the cooking level depending upon the food type. For instance, if you are planning to cook the half-done meat then, all you need to do is set the right temperature, add up the flavors and let the Hamilton beach programmable slow cooker perform its work.

Features of Hamilton Beach 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker (33969A)

Hamilton beach has always been known for its high-quality kitchen appliances which are designed to reduce the cooking hassles and increase the comfort level for the users. Some of the incredible features of Hamilton Beach programmable slow cooker are as follows:

Helps you to Customize your Food

Some food item requires extra effort for the perfect cooking. Sometimes you are supposed to work on the internal temperature of the food rather than its outlook. When it comes to preparing food in the slow cooker then, you don’t really have this option.

However, Hamilton Beach programmable 6-quart slow cooker comes with the customization feature through which you can easily cook your food and set the settings for next 24 hours without any difficulty.

Three Choice Automatic Cooking

If you are looking for the programmable slow cooker which could help you in selecting the right cooking mode for your food then, you should go for Hamilton Beach slow cooker.

Hamilton Beach cooker comes with the three choice cooking modes including precise temperature, specific time cooking, and manual cooking options. Now you are free to select the best option according to the nature of your food.

Portable Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach 6-quart programmable slow cooker comes with the clip-tight lid which allows you to take this cooker with your anywhere you want. Additionally, Hamilton beach programmable slow cooker comes with the tight seal feature which aims to reduce the chance of food spilling during the traveling phase.

Now you can easily cook your favorite dish at home and take it to any party you want.

The Good

Some of the pros and cons associated with Hamilton Beach Programmable slow cooker are as follows

  • Comes with the three cooking modes, which allows you to alter the texture of your food according to your choice.
  • Easy to clean appliance; comes with the dishwasher safe feature
  • Capable of adjusting multiple food items.
  • High on safety; comes with the automatic switch off feature for reducing the chances of burning.

The Bad

  • The crock-pot might not be able to bear the heat for the longer period of time. There are some chances of heat-catching
  • Consists of the additional features which might not be able to perform any useful work
  • The initial processing and programmable system is little hard to understand especially for those people who are not used to of using programmable appliances.

Bottom Line

Hamilton beach slow cooker is a decent and usable automatic slow cooker which is not only famous because of its automatic system. However, Hamilton Beach Programmable slow cooker is designed to reduce the safety hassles by providing the clipping and switching off options.

Whether you are planning to go on a family picnic or going for the one dish party, Hamilton Beach 6-quart slow cooker is capable of becoming your best friend for the longest period of time.

Our verdict is definitely in the favor of the Hamilton Beach 6-Quart programmable slow cooker, now it’s your turn to make us aware of your final decision by leaving your comments below.


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