Review: Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Coffeemaker

Finding the right coffee maker which is capable of working with sheer perfection is a tough job. For most of the people, coffee is not just a dose of caffeine. However, it works as the essential drink for our mind to be operational throughout the day.

The usage of the coffee is not just limited to the usual events like morning coffee, and after-meal cups. However, it is also consumed on the special occasions like big parties, wedding events, and official meetings.

Similarly, if you are a coffee lover and loves to call people on coffee parties but you also want to spend time with your friends rather than making a coffee then, you surely need a good and reliable coffee maker.

We were searching for the best and workable coffee maker and found out that Hamilton Beach 49980A single serve coffee brewer coffee maker comes incredible features which are not only capable of making the tasteful coffee.

However, it is can also reduce the overall prep time and can help you in enjoying the perfectly brewed coffee in the lesser time.

Features of Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Brewer

The best feeling in the world can easily be achieved by consuming the cup of perfectly brewed coffee without investing your times and efforts. Some of the best features of the Hamilton Beach 49970A are as follows

Comes with Brew Strength Control Function

Who doesn’t love to enjoy the fresh coffee made from the premium roasted coffee beans? This pleasure tends to increase if you don’t have to invest any sort of time and money for enjoying the coffee every morning.

Hamilton Beach 49980A single coffee brewer comes with brew strength control function which empowers the users to select the brewing intensity according to their needs. Additionally, you can easily make either the full pot coffee for the entire family or enjoy the single serve according to your choice.

Dual Brewer Function for Different yet Unique Taste

Dual Brewer function of the Hamilton Beach 49980A single serve helps you in enjoying the different and flavorful taste of a coffee just in a matter of few minutes. The best thing about this function is that you can easily use it at a single time and make your own coffee with two different brewing strengths.

Additionally, Hamilton Beach 490080A brewer is famous for its unique flavor taste which is capable of making your day excessively amazing. Now you can easily enjoy the gourmet services at home and have the perfect hot coffee while sitting at home.

Select and Set the Brewer Settings Before-hand

If you are a busy person and can’t afford to invest your time on making the right texture coffee while getting ready for your office, or work then, we would recommend you to go for Hamilton Beach 49980A single serve coffee brewer.

Hamilton Beach coffee brewer comes with customizable settings which you can easily select and set 24-hours before the actual making. This option is designed for those people don’t have enough time and are always looking for the hot and brewed coffee.

Additionally, the automatic shutoff system of the Hamilton Beach coffee brewer makes this coffee maker as the safest kitchen appliance. For instance, if you are running late for the work and forgot to turn off the machine then, it will shut itself off after 2 hours.

The Good

Hamilton Beach 49980A single serve coffee brewer is one of the most proficient coffee makers because it has certain good features, which are as follows

  • Enables the customers to brew the coffee in the attached pot
  • Comes with the removable reservoirs
  • Most of the parts of the pot are BPA-free and can easily be washed with water
  • Comes with automatic setting which becomes active in 2 hours
  • Single serve is capable of adjusting all the cup sized.
  • Comes with extra capacity so that you can easily enjoy fresh and hot coffee with your family.

The Bad

Some of the cons associated with the system and working mechanism of Hamilton Beach 49980A single serve coffee brewer are as follows

  • Lack of properly customizable settings
  • The coffee is expected to stay hot for the limited time period.
  • Additional time is needed for brewing the coffee in the right manner.

Bottom Line

Our final verdict is definitely in the favor of the Hamilton Beach 49980A single serve coffee brewer because it is capable of providing the rightly brewed coffee to the coffee lovers without compromising on the taste.

Now it’s your time to make us aware of your own reviews by leaving your comments below.

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