Guide to The Best Coffee Filters For Your Brewing Machine

Coffee filter is a coffee maker’s accessory, usually made of disposable paper, bleached paper, or steel mesh.

It filters out odors, chlorine, and other flavors, while keeping the original flavor.

Using coffee filters increases your brewing machine’s life, as well as keeps you healthy.

We have identified the best coffee filters you should consider to make your best coffee maker even better. Our best filters make the buying choice easier for you. Lets check out the best coffee filters:

Reusable Single Cup Keurig Solo Filter Pod Coffee Stainless Mesh

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This filter by iPartsPlusMore is the best coffee filter available today. It works with gourmet ground coffee in a Keurig brewer. It is BPA Free, and works with almost all Keurig models.

It also works with Breville Kcup, Mr. Coffee Kcup, and Cuisinart Kcup.

It has micromesh stainless steel filter, which is permanently attached. You never need to change filter holder when using this filter.

Unfortunately it doesn’t support Keurig 2.0, B30, B130, B145, B150, B155, K130, K145, K155, K150, Vue, and commercial models. Otherwise it is a top choice for use with compatible models.


  • Reusable design.
  • Includes assembly 4 PODs.
  • Has stainless steel micromesh.
  • Compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewers.

Charcoal Water Filters for Keurig Coffee Machines

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Charcoal water filters are the best water filters for Keurig coffee machines. These are compatible with all Keurig brewers that have been made after August 2007.

The package here has 12 mini filters, which is very cost effective. Charcoal filters might need to be pre-soaked for 30 minutes, instead of a 10 minutes period of Keurig brand.

Overall the filters will work great for you, fitting your machine well, while giving you the best coffee.


  • Easily placed into water filter assembly.
  • Supports all Keurig coffeemakers.
  • Purifies the coffee to retain original taste.

K&J Keurig Compatible Water Filters

12-Pack KEURIG Compatible Water Filters by K&J - Universal Fit Keurig Compatible Filters - Replacement Charcoal Water Filters for Keurig 2.0 (and older) Coffee Machines

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K&J Filter is a replacement for Keurig filters. It purifies your coffee from chlorine, other flavors, and odors. This makes your drink healthy for you, as well as results in longer life of the machine.

K&J Filters are easy to use. You only need to soak the filter in water for 15 minutes. Hold it under cold water for 30 seconds, install it into your machine, and you are ready to go!

Best thing about this filter is that it also fits K70 model. Unfortunately for Cuisinart SS700, this will not work.


  • Fit any Keurig coffee makers easily.
  • Supports Keurig Single Cup Reservoir Brewing.
  • Does not fit into KEURIG-CUISINART.
  • Highest quality filters, ensuring charcoal stays in the filter.
  • Made with Micromesh material.
  • Removes chlorine, calcium, and odors.

BUNN 1M5002 Commercial Coffee Filters

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BUNN coffee filter is made of high quality paper, which provides smooth flow of coffee while preserving taste. It is designed in such a way that coffee is never overflowing when brewing.

It is the best coffee filter to be used with commercial coffee machines.

Interestingly, it is processed with ECF bleaching method to insure that dioxin level is not detected.


  • It is 9.75 inches in diameter at widest, and 4.25 inches at the base.
  • 12-Cup Size.
  • Made from heavy weight paper.
  • Specially designed for commercial machines.

Best Disposable Coffee Filters

Use them once and then dispose off. These filter might not be very cost effective, but will ensure good life for your machine and health for you.

Look at the best disposable coffee filters here!

Best Permanent Coffee Filters

Using the permanent coffee filters will save you time and money. You only focus on get your coffee out of the machine, and enjoy it.

The permanent coffee filters equally do the good job, and should be considered any less in terms of providing health and quality coffee.

Check out the best permanent filters now!

Best Reusable Coffee Filters

The ability to wash and reuse coffee filters makes your life easier. You don’t need to buy many filters. If you are in hunt of reusable filters, please check them here.

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