Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ PerfecTemp Coffeemaker Review

For some people, coffee is just like a daily dose of caffeine, while for some people it works as the brain organizer and eye-opener. A perfectly brewed coffee is not only important for our bodily functions. However, it is equally important for our brain.

Whether you are getting late for the official meeting or planning to wake your mind up, a coffee is a must-have thing. We love the fact that consumption of coffee is not just limited to specific timings only.

However, you can have coffee anytime, and anywhere. But the question is that how to make the perfectly brewed and right textured coffee in lesser time?

We were also searching for the answer and found out that Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ PerfecTemp 14 cup programmable coffeemaker has the potential of satisfying your coffee-buds and waking your sleepy head up in the most efficient manner.

Here’s how?

Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ PerfecTemp 14 cup coffeemaker is one of the most efficient coffeemakers which comes with the highly proficient technology which aims to make your life super easier by reducing your coffee prep time to almost 50%.

Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ PerfecTemp coffeemaker comes with advanced auto-system which allows you to select the setting, pour in the mixture, decide the intensity and let the coffeemaker perform its work.


From rightly brewed coffee to long-lasting hotness, Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ coffeemaker comes with some incredible features which are capable of making the coffee making process excessively easier and tasteful.

Comes with Expert Technology for Brilliant Coffee Taste

Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ comes with the built-in expert technology which aims to make and keep the coffee extremely hot without compromising on the taste, which you have selected. Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ comes with the proper customization options which are designed to help you select the best taste of your coffee according to your choice. Whether you would like to have a strong flavor or milky taste, Cuisinart-3200AMZ aims to help you in achieving the great taste.

Additionally, the 24 hours ahead setting allows you to have your coffee in bed without investing any of your time.

Allows you to Select the Texture Strength

In our opinion, the best coffee maker is the one which could work on the texture of the coffee and brew it while maintaining the right taste. We are happy to inform our readers that Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ coffee maker comes with brew strength control system which allows you to make the coffee taste profile so that you can easily enjoy your coffee without selecting the newer settings every time.

Automatic System with Larger Capacity

The Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ is the fully-automatic machine which empowers you to select the best setting for your favorite coffee flavor in the one go. Additionally, the 14 cups capacity allows you to make the perfectly brewed and hotter coffee for your friends and family.

The Good

Some of our favorite features in the Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ PerfecTemp 14 cup programmable coffeemaker are as follows

  • Allows you to customize the texture and taste of your coffee based on your choice
  • Comes with stainless steel structure for avoiding the chances of rusting.
  • Best for the entire family; now you can easily prepare a perfectly brewed coffee for your whole family and friends without investing a lot of time.
  • Comes with water window so that you can easily observe the filling process.
  • Perfect timer for great quality coffee. LCD light to inform when coffee is done.

The Bad

Every technology has certain negatives which actually helps in determining the strength of the product and its system. Some of the cons associated with Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ coffeemaker are as follows

  • The level of hotness might not be perfect for all the people.
  • The product might start losing its color after 3-4 months of use.

Bottom Line

The best coffee maker is not only the one which is capable of performing the task in the right manner. However, we believe at coffee is the very personal thing and it should be customized based on your own needs.

We were looking out for the same feature and found out that Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ PerfecTemp coffeemaker comes with high-level customization features, therefore, we decided to give our verdict in the favor of Cuisinart DCC-3200AMZ programmable coffeemaker.

What are your plans? Make us aware of your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

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