9 Easy-to-Make DIY Air Fresheners You Can Prepare at Home

The research states that positive vibes are no doubt associated with the environment of the person. If the person is moving in the pleasant and refreshing environment then, he is expected to have higher work performance and fewer mood swings.

You can easily make surrounding adorable by creating air freshener at home by using all of your favorite scents and those items which usually seems useless to us.

So are you ready to explore all the possible ways of creating the DIY Air freshener with highly pleasant and attention-grabbing fragrance? Read on

Best DIY Air Fresheners

The recipes for DIY Air Fresheners are not only easy-to-make however, they can be prepared just by using all those ingredients which are readily available at home.

1. Orange Peel Candles

Are you looking for a decoration cum air freshener for your house, which can easily be created by using some of the leftovers of fruits?
If yes then, you can’t afford to miss the recipe of orange peel candles.

These candles are not only famous for their cute looks, however, the refreshing fragrance of orange peel mixed with few components of essential oil is capable of introducing a unique and beautiful fragrance.

You can easily make the air freshener in less than 5 minutes because all you need to do is take few oranges, peel them and let the essential ingredients do its work.

2. Scented Wood Blocks

If you are looking for an interesting activity for yourself and your family members then, you should dig a little deeper into the origin of the scented wood blocks and how they can make your home smell like a garden.

The scented wood blocks are created by using the ready-made wood blocks which you can easily find from any craft shop. For scenting the wood blocks you can use different essential oils of your choice and let the woods absorb the entire smell.

Once the wood blocks have properly absorbed the smell then, next step is all about decoration. If summers or winter holidays are knocking on the door then, you can easily ask your children to start thinking about different ideas which can help in increasing the beauty of the wood blocks.

3. Home-made Potpourri

If you think that making a home-made potpourri is a hard job then, you should click the link without any delay. Home-made potpourri is very easy to make and can enhance the look of your entire home or office.

Additionally, when it comes to the preparation stage then, you are just supposed to mix all the right ingredients together, color the potpourri according to your choice and let them hang at different places. (You also have the option of converting your garden into the edible one with the help of home-made potpourri)

You can also alter their length according to your choice and add different scents for a better experience. If you are an expert then, you can easily grow the potpourri at your own garden and make the beautiful embellishments without using any extra ingredients

4. Home-made Gel Air Freshener

What could be better than making home-made gel fresheners at home by using some of the basic cooking ingredients? These gel air fresheners not only attract people, however, they can also be called as the good decoration for the kitchen or even sitting room.

You can easily prepare the home-made gel air fresheners by following the basic recipe and can also introduce the alterations by adding a different type of scents and gel flavors. For coloring the gel, you can use the artificial paint colors and make a combo with different available ingredients.

5. Essential Oil Freshener

It won’t be wrong to state that essential oils are treated as the multi-purpose ingredients which are capable of satisfying all of our needs. From tightening the tissues of our skin to making our home smell better, essential oils are capable of performing everything efficiently.

For making the home-made air freshener you can easily select from the different variety of essential oils and mix them with necessary ingredients for making a beautiful and refreshing air freshener for your house.

6. Cinnamon Air Freshener for Home

It is true that every available ingredient in your house is capable of working as the air freshener if used properly. If you don’t have any perfume at your house then, don’t worry and start looking out for some cinnamon sticks.

The sweet yet differentiated smell of cinnamon is not only capable of refreshing the environment however, it can also clean the surrounding by taking in all the germs and other impurities. You can easily mix the cinnamon with different fragrances of the essential oil and make the scent of your own choice.

Additionally, for an ever-lasting outlook, you can easily paint the sticks with the wood color and decorate them with different buntings such as artificial dry leaves.

7. Citric Air Freshener

Citric Air Freshener is basically the lemon spray which is created by using the lemon juice. This freshener is very basic itself but you can add some interesting fragrances in the recipe by using fresh rosemary or jasmine.

The citric air freshener is not only capable of providing a good alternative for the home perfumes however, it is also capable of killing all the germs, cleaning the stains located at different areas and killing insects like cockroaches.

If you are not satisfied with the lemon juice then, you also have the liberty of using the lemon peel mixed with essential oils as the air freshener for your house.

Bottom Line:

The recipes for home-made air fresheners are not only easy to create however, they are less toxic and less time to consume. While making these recipes you can easily leave the item on the stove (if needed) or dip the ingredient in the water for the longest period without getting worried about its burning or softening of the ingredient.

So which air freshener you are planning to make for your house and office? Make us aware by leaving your comments below.

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