Review of Hamilton Beach 58149 Power Elite Blender and Chopper

Finding the best blender which is capable of performing the fancy as well as the basic application, is a tough job. As a customer, you are not only supposed to look out for the multiple options. However, you also need to dig deeper into a number of online reviews for finding the right thing.

But now you can throw your worries away because we decided to get our hands on the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-function blender, which is known for its strong yet incredible working system.

What Makes Hamilton Beach Power Blender Unique?

Hamilton beach power blender consists of the unique features which help the appliance in crushing the tough ingredients such as frozen fruits, ice cubes, and different ingredients. Hamilton Beach Multi-function blender comes with the sharp blades which help in maintaining the food consistency without reducing to ingredient into the runny texture.


Hamilton Beach has always been famous for its incredible products which are designed to make your life easier. From blender to a food processor, Hamilton beach is known for its incomparable product coverage at most affordable rates.

Some of the most appealing features Hamilton beach power elite multi-function blender (58149) are as follows:

Comes with 12 Blending Options

In our opinion, The Hamilton Beach blender (58149) has all the necessary and workable features. From the perfect lid to motor base, Hamilton beach is designed for the maximum comfort.

Additionally, the 12 blending options allow you to decide the consistency of your ingredient based on your own need. During our test, we found out that this function of Hamilton beach blender 58149 tend to give this blender a competitive advantage because not all the blenders (even the high-end) are capable of working with 12 different system for right texture and consistency of the ingredient.

Stainless Blades for Safe Blending

Due to the increased use of water, some of the blades usually tend to low their color and get affected by the oxygen combination thus leading to the staining and rusting phase. However, despite being an affordable blender, Hamilton Beach Blender 58149 consists of the BPA-free material which aims to reduce the chances of rusting or stain.

Now you can easily use the Hamilton Beach blender for as many days as you want without getting worried about the working of the blade or its bad effect on your food.

Comes with Speed Variations with Wave-Action Technology

Hamilton Beach Blender 58149 comes with the two-speed pulse modes which empower the users to adjust the settings of the blender based on the nature of the ingredient. For instance, if you want a chunky fruit smoothie then, you can easily select the blending option and the speed variation according to your choice.

Additionally, the wave-action technology allows the blades to pull down the toughest of ingredients and blend them according to the selected settings.

The Good

Hamilton beach products are always known for their versatility and some of the amazing features and positives included in the Hamilton Beach multi-function blender (58149) are as follows

  • Consists of the special yet extra features which aims to intensify the entire experience
  • Comes with no-mess sprout for reducing the dirt hassle while pouring the mixture
  • Aims to convert the ingredients into the even mixture for right consistency
  • Comes with 3-years warranty.

The Bad

Some of the cons which are associated with the working and structure of Hamilton Beach power blender are as follows:

  • Customers might face difficulty in removing the lid and adjusting it while preparing the machine
  • The structure of the machine is of mediocre quality, however, the low price justifies it.
  • Although the product is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, however, the continuous water-cleaning might weaken the product.

Bottom Line:

In our opinion, Hamilton Beach blender is the right option for those people who are looking for the kitchen appliance which could reduce their cooking time and add value to their experience then, you should consider buying this blender right away.

It has some really incredible features which won not only our testing phase but also our hearts.  So what you are planning to do? Are you ready to reduce your food prep time?

Now it’s your time to help people out in making the right decision by leaving your opinion below in the comment section.

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