How Does an Electric Kettle Work?

Just like a conventional stove kettle that uses gas or fire to turn cold water into boiling water, the electric kettle uses electricity to warm up the cold water.

At the bottom of the electric kettle container, there is a heating element, a metal, which is heated by converting electrical energy into heat. The power outlet transfers this energy through the plugged cord to this thick metal heating element, and rapidly warms up the cold water.

How an Electric Kettle Works?

Electric kettles are very similar to the water heaters and geysers that we use everyday. The hot metal coil is dipped into water, making the cold water hot by transferring that heat.

For technical information, ExplainThatStuff has a very good article here. They explained it really well, with the diagrams. You will surely like it.

Benefits of the Electric Kettle

  • Electric kettle is a multi-purpose device that can be used for boiling water, making tea, and even for boiling eggs. Such multi-use definitely makes it your daily-use appliance, and easily becoming the must have at home and offices.
  • They are faster than conventional stove kettles in most cases, saving your time, by instantly delivering the hot water. The time you were spending in monitoring the stove kettle can be used in other important things you have in your life. No doubt this is one of the major benefit of electric kettles.
  • With improving technology, electric kettles are more energy efficient, putting less load to your bill. Although larger models can contribute more to the electric bill since they take more time to heat up the water and consume more electricity.
  • Electric kettles are convenient to use, portable enough to travel with, and even cordless models are available to make the life easier. There are models available that can run on car charger port as well.
  • Electric kettles have sensors that shut them off automatically when desired temperature is reached, enabling you to boil water or make tea without worry.

Disadvantages of Electric Kettles

  • While there are many good things about electric kettles, they are comparably expensive than stove kettles. You would not like to spend money on these if you are only boiling water. A metal container could do the better job. Today people in many countries still don’t use electric kettle as their daily-use product.
  • Electric kettles are usually made of plastic, and some suggest that it provides less fire safety. Some people do not feel comfortable with plastic and heating.
  • The same reason many people avoid microwave ovens. They can be perceived as harmful for health by many. In parts of the world, people still prefer bronze or steel for heating water.
  • The plastic may melt or cause the change of taste due to leaching. If the coil has any rust, it can make the change of color and taste apparent.
  • Even though they are cheaper, they still use electricity and can increase your electricity bill heavily. Not everyone like to use so much electricity for the reason. If you are connected to a generator or UPS, you might also not be able to run all models due to limited watts available to you.

Nevertheless, having an electric kettle is far better than not having one in today’s world. Our detailed reviews of the best electric kettles can even help you choose one. Please have a look!

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