NutriBullet 14-Piece Nutrition Extractor Blender Juicer NBR-1401 Review

If you are looking for a solution of your weight loss or lack of energy in your body, the solution is here. Nutri Bullet Blender is the best solution to this problem. Is it considered expensive to buy, if it yields in adding a few extra healthy years to your life?

Yes Nutri Bullet NBR-1401 Blender and Juicer allows you to extend a few years of your life by increasing energy levels and reducing stress levels. It is very user friendly, easy to clean and is extremely beneficial for health especially for people planning a healthy living or for patients suffering from various diseases.

Blender Juicer NBR 1401

Normal juicers do not have this capability to extract nutrients, they just extract juice and left the nutrients and energy behind as a waste in its pulp or fiber.

Juice extracted just contains sugar and little amount of nutrients. How will you like to have your food break down in a manner that will extract all the hidden nutrients from it? The Nutri Bullet NBR-1401, 14-piece set, holds the power to turn normal food into super food and exactly provides you with the convenience, referred to in the above stated question, via its powerful 600 watt motor and extractor blade.

Some of its distinct features include busts open seeds, shreds through skins, cracks through stems,  UL listed, and it easily breaks down even the hardest ingredient to extract nutrients from it.

Product Specification:

Some of its vibrant specifications include:

  • Higher capacity
  • BPA-Free
  • Non-toxic plastic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Phthalates free
  • Bisphenol A free
  • 2 stay-fresh re-sealable lids
  • It effortlessly and smoothly pulverizes vegetables, fruits, super foods and protein shakes
  • Powerful high torque motor power base of 600 watts
  • Power and cyclonic action along with patented blade design.
  • Accessories includes:  2 short cups, 1 tall cup, a power base, 1 non handled lip ring, 1 handled lip ring, 1 milling blade, 1 extractor blade, 1 Flip-top to-go lid with over sized mug, 2 re- sealable lids, natural healing foods book, manual and pocket nutritionist.

The Nutri Bullet NBR-1401 offers 1-yr limited warranty. This model is an enticing package which adds additional value to its customers by offering cookbook, pocket nutritionist, natural healing foods book, and flip-top to-go lid. I didn’t have a smoothie from it that I didn’t like yet.

It works so well and makes completely awesome smoothies with a combination of fruits and greens.

This blender is very much easy to clean, as wash and dry it just after each use. No issues of rusting also. Fill line specified on the pitcher is specified for the max level of liquids not for the ingredients. As smoothies while blending needs air pressure to blend smoothly and properly.

So your ingredients and liquids must not cross the fill line for best results and preventing any leakages or malfunctioning.

Overall it’s an excellent blender that I ever had. Its accessories are really awesome and accurate and the best part is the health and recipe book for assistance. It’s exactly the same, they state it to be in infomercials and advertisements. In fact it works much better than my expectations. It’s simply mind blowing and eye catching that results in delicious foods and smoothies.

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