Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker Review

This Belgian waffle maker by Presto is perfect if you love the simplicity and fun. Presto FlipSide 03510 has a compact size, looks good, and fits you waffle making needs perfectly.

It makes great crispy waffles and has a built-in timer. It also notifies with lights and sound when waffles are done.

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker is made on brushed stainless steel, with a catchy design in a compact package. Though, many find this waffle maker not so compact for putting over the kitchen counter.

It typically has 3 minute baking time, and makes 7-inch round waffles. You don’t need to wait longer period of time like many other irons. It saves time, and has automatic power off feature if you are forgetful.

It only requires approximately 40 minutes to heat up the plates. The waffle cooking time typically ranges from 2 to 4 minutes.

The waffles of this machine are crispy, and has separating option that can slice your round shaped waffle into 4 nice large pieces.

Since it comes with a temperature control knob, you can modify is to make the waffles to your liking. Experiment a little, read the manual, and after few tries, you will be making a perfect waffle with this machine.

It has deep and wider plates, and can be accommodated with several additions, such as chocolate chips and dried fruits. This also reduces the chances of extra ingredients to be spilt out.

Talking about the design, it is very well built. It is made of brushed stainless steel, and has deep hollow plates making it perfect for baking thick and soft waffle with crispy corners. The design feels durable and well made, and has a metal frame. The flip style is what catches the most attention.

A maintenance tip: Don’t use any cooking spray on the plates. Read the manual, and follow the instructions for saving time.

Overall in its price range, this Presto waffle maker is simply the best and easy buy. It also comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty.

The Good

  • Bakes perfect waffles.
  • Comes with a thorough product manual that also includes 5 recipes.
  • Countdown timer while baking.
  • Sound and Light Indicators when time completes.

The Bad

  • It runs hot. Be careful when touching it. The body is too hot during baking, specially the top and the sides.
  • Timer doesn’t run without battery.
  • It is compact, but still uses up lot of room on the kitchen counter.
  • Cord is short. You might need an extension if the electrical socket is not near.


This presto waffle maker, when compared the features and price, is a total bargain. It also makes into our best waffle makers list, and if you are looking for something which is stylish, easy to use, and compact, Presto 03510 flipside is an easy decision.

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