9 Best Waffles Recipes You Can’t Resist Trying

It is true that all of the waffle recipes are more or less similar and are created by using some of the best waffle makers, however, if you are craving for the deliciously tender, thin and warm waffles with melting ice-cream then, it’s time to follow some great waffles chefs.

Whether you are planning to have waffles in your breakfast or at tea time, having best of all is your right. If you love to play with flavors and you are always looking for some uniqueness then you should give a try to some of the best waffle recipes are as follows:

Best Waffle Recipes

Recipe does play a major role in bringing extra flavors but if you own the best waffle maker then, you are almost halfway done.

1. Classic Butter Milk Waffles

Classic Buttermilk waffles are the best solution to the Monday blues and can make your tea time extremely exciting. The perfection combination of melting butter with light and crispy texture of waffles can perfectly compliment even your breakfast hours.

You can easily prepare the classic buttermilk waffles by using the Best Crispy Thin Waffle Makers.

2. Norwegian Thin Waffles

If you have just bought the Waffle maker and now looking for some syrupy waffles recipe with perfect thinness and crispy texture then you should give a try to Norwegian Thin Waffles recipe which is created by using the combination of different basic ingredients.

This recipe is famous because of its ingredient range plus you can serve this waffle with caramelized thick syrup and chilled vanilla ice cream.

3. Deliciously Chocolaty Waffles

Deliciously Chocolaty Waffles are not only a delight for your sweet tooth however, it’s chocolaty, tender and crispy texture topped with thick chocolate syrup and berries can bring an overwhelming smile to your face.

Most of the people believe that waffles are good when they are combined with vanilla but if you like to try out different flavors then, chocolate waffles are the perfect option.

If you have the good waffle maker with operating irons then, all you need to do is combine all the flavors, select toppings of your choice and wait for the chocolaty magic.

4. Crispy Strawberry Waffles

There are two ways of making crispy strawberry waffles. The first recipe is the traditional one in which you can garnish the waffles with strawberries and maple syrup.

The other recipe is quite differentiated because instead of strawberry topping you can make a puree of the fruit and add it to the batter for enhanced taste. You can always alter the recipe depending on your mood.

Both the recipes can be created by using the Best Thin Waffle Makers.

5. Dense Belgian Waffles

Making the perfectly dense Belgian waffles with a right touch of chocolaty richness is not an easy task.

If you are the Belgian lover and craving for some different flavors combined with the right amount of vanilla and cream then, this recipe is surely for you. If you have the waffles maker at home then, you are almost halfway done.

6. Peanut Butter and Banana Waffles

The combination of Peanut butter and Banana isn’t something new for any of us but when this combination is mixed with fluffy texture of waffles then, it transforms itself into the mouth-watering dessert.

If you don’t like the combination of peanut butter with fruits then you can easily replace the banana with other dry or any seasonal fruit. Additionally, you can also use the maple syrup for adding extra taste to your waffles.

7. Cinnamon Waffles

Cinnamon Waffle with Belgian touch and buttermilk topping is just like heaven on the earth. Cinnamon waffles are created by using the traditional waffles recipe combined with caramelized apples and cinnamon mixture.

This recipe is the perfect replacement for the apple cinnamon pie but you will be creating it by using the Best Waffle Makers. 

Moreover, you can introduce some alternations in the recipe by switching the toppings and basic ingredients with your favorite ones.

You can also make the stuffed cinnamon waffles by making the sandwich of prepared waffles.

You can add caramelized apples, chocolate or even buttermilk syrup combined with fruits for making the stuffing more delicious

8. Crispy Basic Waffles

If you are the newbie and just got the waffles maker and planning to put it to some use then, you should give a try to crispy waffles.

This recipe is created by using the very basic ingredients with more options of alternations.

For instance, you can change the texture of waffles from crispy to tender by eliminating some ingredients or you can easily play with toppings and add extra flavors without altering the basic recipe.

Crispy waffles recipe is the perfect option for your breakfast because of its light and crispy texture which can be paired with butter and maple syrup.

9. Nutella Swirl Waffles

Who doesn’t love Nutella? And what could be better than the combination of Nutella and waffles?

The combination of Nutella with vanilla waffles is the double-happiness deal because through this recipe you can make the Nutella swirl while preparing the waffles batter and then, you can top the hot and crispy waffles with Nutella again.

Additionally, you can add extra richness to your Nutella waffles recipe by using chocolate melts and fruity toppings.

Well, it is surely not a bad deal to have freshly prepared Nutella swirl waffles on your cheat day.

Bottom Line: 

All the waffle recipes are not only special because of attractive titles however, they are surely capable of satisfying your sweet cravings.

So which Best Waffle Maker recipe are you planning to make this weekend?

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