9 Effective Tips to Free Your Kitchen From Cockroaches

It’s very easy for the small insects and scary cockroaches to make a way to your home, settle in, mess with your kitchen, food and what not.

These cockroaches not only mess with your snacks, kitchen appliances, and electronics in the house moreover, they are also capable of spreading a number of diseases which can harm you and your family in an adverse manner.

Are you done with these cockroaches and looking for some effective and easy-to-apply tips for kicking them out? We have got your back, read on!

How to Kick the Cockroaches out?

If you are using different spray and insect-killer tablets then, you are basically exposing your family to a different type of chemicals which are equally harmful. The natural tips will not only help in killing the insects however, they can also increase the cleanliness of your home.

1. Clean your House Every day, Very Thoroughly

The first step which can help you in keeping the cockroaches away from your home is proper cleaning process. You should start the cleaning process from your kitchen and washrooms.

  • Always try to wash your dishes right after the meal and even if you can’t then, try to empty them and transfer all the left over to another place.
  • Clean your cooking area and stove after the cooking because roaches usually make their homes in small tiny places which are warm.

2. Seal All the holes (Water Sources)

Remember it is easy for cockroaches to stay alive without food for several days but they can’t neglect water. They usually make their way into the home through water sources and if you want to get rid of them then, block all the water leakages right away.

You can use the plaster for filling the water sources.

3. Always cover your Food/Sealed Containers

After water, the next favorite thing of cockroaches is your food. It is advised not to leave your food uncovered for the longer period because this will not only attract cockroaches however, it can also impact your health adversely.

Always cover your fruits and leftover food with the properly sealed pack and it is better to keep them in the fridge.

4. Empty your Dust-bin Daily

Your dust-bin is the second home to all the cockroaches. You should always cover your trash before going to sleep in order to seal the areas from where they can enter in to your kitchen.

Additionally, you should always empty your trash on daily basis and wash the dust-bin with water and detergent for cleanliness purposes.

This step will not only reduce the chances of having cockroaches in the house however, it can also keep the sting of leftover food away.

5. Recipe For Home-made Natural Bait

Another way which can help in kicking out the cockroaches from your house is the Natural Bait. Though you can easily find the bait for cockroaches from any general store, however, it is better to make it at home for reducing the chances of allergy.

  • Take three tablespoons of the Boric Acid and mix it with one tablespoon of sugar.
  • Now cover your hands and start dusting the bait at the areas where you have seen the cockroaches.
  • Don’t forget the fill the holes in your cabinets or near the washing area.
  • To be effective, boric acid should be kept dry.


If you can’t find the Boric acid then, take baking soda instead of acid and repeat all the mentioned-steps.

6. Use Bay Leaves

Another natural way of keeping the cockroaches away from your house is the use of Bay leaves.

Bay leaves are not at all poisonous but according to the research, cockroaches hate the smell of bay leaves and they tend to stay away from the area where they are placed.

  • Take the handful of bay leaves and crush them properly with the knife or your hands.
  • Place them at different location especially near the small holes and watery area.
  • For more effective results, dust the Boric acid powder at the same place.

7. Clean your Cabinets Frequently

Your cabinets are the most favorite place of cockroaches and if you fail to clean them on daily basis then, it is surely a plus point for them.

If you want to keep the cockroaches away from your place then, you need to clean the area daily and dust the boric powder for better results.

8. Use Lemon Spray or Lemon Peels

Lemon is not only famous around the world for its cleanliness and citric capabilities, however, it also holds the power of repelling the cockroaches with the help of its anti-pathogenic properties.

  • Squeeze few lemons and properly drain the juice.
  • Now pour the juice into the spray bottle and start spraying the small holes in your kitchen, store and near the trash area.
  • After spraying, take the lemon peels and place them in your cabinets/near the holes
  • You can also grind the lemon peels and place the small places at different areas.

9. Clean your Dinning-area before Sleeping

Prevention is always better than cure.

If you want to keep the cockroaches away then, you are no doubt supposed to properly mop each and everything area in your kitchen.

Once you have finished the meal then, make it your habit to clean the cooking areas, washing area and eating area properly with the clean clothes. For better cleaning, it is advised to dust the boric acid on different places before sleep.

This step will not only prevent the cockroaches from entering in to your house but can also help you in cleaning the entire house.

Bottom Line

Though you can easily use read-made cockroach baits for kicking them out of your house, however, the natural remedies will help in getting rid of the scary cockroaches permanently.

Moreover, all of the natural tips are highly cost-effective and highly efficient in nature.

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