5 Best Pasta Maker Recipes

Who doesn’t love to consume restaurant like pasta at home?

Well, if you have a good pasta dough recipe and you know how to operate the pasta maker then, you are already halfway done.

Making the best pasta is all about selecting the right ingredients, mixing them well and let the pasta maker perform its work.

However, some chefs believe that making pasta is more about recreating the original dish rather than playing around with traditional ingredients.

If you are a foodie risker then, you should check out the best pasta maker recipes, which are stated below.

1. Felicity’s Perfect Pasta with Semolina Touch

A perfect pasta is the one which consists of some basic yet differentiated ingredients, which are capable of transforming the taste of the entire dish.

If you are craving for a traditional pasta dish with a little touch of semolina flavor then, Felicity’s Perfect Pasta recipe can surely satisfy your taste buds.

Felicity’s Perfect Pasta is created by using the semolina flour which is further processed to perfection by using one of the best pasta makers.

According to the maker of Felicity Pasta, the perfect binding, and division of controlled portion are the few factors, which can help in the making the best pasta in lesser time.

2. Fresh Egg Pasta: Less-carby option for Pasta Lovers

Using all-purpose flour while making the pasta is all about adding extra carbs to your diet, however, the fresh egg pasta can surely help you in feeling less guilty with its slightly healthy recipe.

Fresh Egg pasta is created while using the basic pasta ingredients however, its taste is balanced with the help of fresh eggs, which further help in maintaining the consistency of the mixture.

Additionally, Fresh egg pasta is famous because its usage is not limited to single recipe such as Italian or Singaporean.

However, several other dishes (ravioli or Lasagna) can easily be created by following the similar recipe guide and the best pasta maker.

3. All-Purpose Pasta Dough by Chef Anne

According to Chef Anne, the creation and consumption of pasta is linked with having fun therefore, it is important to add the ingredients of fun while creating the dish.

For Chef Anne, the size of the pasta is the fun factor, therefore, the size of her pasta is usually 8 cm long.

Additionally, this recipe is created by using the body-weight technique where the maker is supposed to use the palm heels for pressing the dough and turning it into a smooth yet standardized mixture.

The basic goal of this pasta recipe is to change the texture of the all-purpose flour from hard to velvety smooth either by using the food processor or wooden surface.

4. Best Fresh Pasta

If you are a vegetarian plus pasta lover then, you surely can’t afford to miss the recipe of best fresh pasta, which is created by using only the two basic ingredients (Flour and Water).

Though it might be little difficult to bind the fresh pasta without eggs, however, if you are a true pasta lover then, this step is worth all the efforts and time.

Apart of egg-less pasta, the fresh recipe is created by using all the available ingredients which makes it relatively easy for the new comers to identify the right ingredients, mix them well and knead them while using the appropriate method.

Moreover, the right operations of the pasta maker also play a crucial role in creating the end shape therefore, it is also important to properly learn the operation and then, go for pasta maker recipes.

5. Homemade Pasta Dough Recipe

The purpose of homemade pasta dough recipe is to inform makers that creating a pasta isn’t a hard job at all because all you need to do is perform the right task at the right time.

Homemade pasta recipe stands out because of its relatively healthier ingredient choices such as the use of olive oil instead of vegetable oil and other kneading steps.

Additionally, this recipe is surely the best pasta maker recipe for the beginners because it tends to guide them about the each step which should be followed during the kneading procedure.

Bottom Line:

As all the recipes have got something new to offer, therefore, it is not a bad idea to try them all one after another.
So which recipe are you planning to try? Do let us know about your own pasta making tricks by leaving your comments below.

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