6 Best Electric Griddles Recipes

Electric Griddles are usually famous for preparing quick breakfast and brunch meals with less active time, however, the best electric griddle can easily be used for cooking a variety of dishes with the right amount of flavor or taste.

Electric Griddle is known for its high-safety mechanism which not only enhances the food taste, moreover, it facilitates in preparing meals without wasting any ingredients such as oil for greasing or dressing sauce.

If you are planning to intensify your overall cooking experience without using an outdoor grill then, you surely need to look for some of the amazing best electric griddle recipes which we will be discussing shortly.

As Electric Griddle is the mobile kitchen appliance, therefore, it can be used for cooking brilliant dishes while you are on the seashore or having farm picnics.

1. Juicy Hamburger on the Electric Griddle

Making a perfect hamburger is all about marinating the beef and let the electric griddle perform its task. If you are interested in a freshly prepared hamburger then, you should give a try to this juice hamburger, which is surely finger licking.

Electric Griddle not only allows you to cook a perfect hamburger patty, however, it aims to combine all the flavors together and maintain the consistency.

The hamburger recipe on the electric griddle can help you in a cooking restaurant like the burger at home by adjusting flavors according to your choice.

For instance, if you are a spice lover or needs extra cheese then, you are surely free to change the recipe after learning the right operating mechanism of the electric griddle.

2. Crab Meat Cakes

The combination of crab meat with tasteful seasonings can surely do wonders. Crab meat cake is one of the best electric griddle recipes because it can be prepared easily in less than 20 active minutes.

You can easily prepare a dish out your crab cakes in less than 5 minutes if all the preparations are done beforehand.

Additionally, this delicious dish can also be served with a number of sidelines. For instance, if you are planning to add extra crab to your diet then, white bread with any sauce can be a good deal.

However, if you are craving for crab meat only then, go for some spicy toppings and enjoy the food with your family.

3. Philly Steak Sandwiches on Griddle

If you are craving for a Philly steak with a right touch of sautéed onions then, we have something totally amazing for you.

The Philly Steak sandwiches prepared on electric griddle are not winning the hearts just because of the taste, however, the recipe is known to save a lot of your time.

You can easily prepare your beef patties, onions, mushroom and other ingredients at a time without getting worried about the mixing of flavors or less space.

Additionally, the traditional Philly steak recipe can easily be altered and you are definitely allowed to enjoy the flavors of your choice by adding extra spice, cheese or mushrooms.

The overall cooking time for Philly Steak Sandwich on the griddle is 20 minutes and it can serve 3-4 people.

4. Fish Tilapia on Electric Griddle

Many people believe that cooking a perfect fish is a tricky job because it involves a lot of working stages, however, if you are using the right electric griddle then, this tricky job can easily be transformed into the easiest one.

Fish Tilapia is prepared by using the less processed ingredients, which means you are not supposed to dedicate a lot of time to the preparations. If you have fish spices and herbs in your fridge then, it is super easy for you to make this dish and enjoy it.

The expected cooking time for Fish Tilapia is 20 minutes including the initial preps and it can easily serve 3-4 people.

5. Grilled Hot Dog

It is easy to order a tasty hot dog from your favorite restaurant chain, however, preparing your own hot dog with the flavors of your choice can surely be a good deal.

Preparing a perfect hot dog isn’t a hard thing because you are only supposed to add the right flavors in the patty and let the grill do its magic.

Grilled Hot Dog is not only a good evening snack however, it can also be turned into a perfect dinner by changing the sidelines or by adding extra nutrition during the preparation stage.

Prepare your own delicious hot dog at home with extra toppings and enjoy it with your family.

Grilled Hot Dogs can easily be prepared in less than 30 minutes and can serve 4-5 people.

6. Saucy Pancakes

Making a traditional pancake using electric griddle isn’t a hard thing, however, adding flavors to your cake is!

The saucy pancakes are surely capable of satisfying your sweet buds because this recipe is created by using all the authentic flavors and sauces. The saucy pancakes are not only good in taste, however, they are dense, super soft and a perfect before or after a meal.

If you are craving for some delicious pancakes with blueberry, strawberry or chocolate toppings then, the recipe of saucy pancakes on the electric griddle is surely your thing.

These pancakes can easily be prepared by using all the readily available ingredients and can be adjusted by adding extra toppings, fruits or butter. The overall preparation time is 15-20 minutes and can be served to 3-4 people.

Bottom Line

Whether it’s cooking delicious hot dogs or dense pancakes, the best electric griddle can easily be used to satisfy all of your cooking needs without consuming too much of your time. Additionally, all the recipes can easily be adjusted according to your own taste buds.

So which electric griddle recipe are you planning to go for tonight? Make us aware by leaving your comments below.

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